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About Dalila

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     Besides being a grassroots leader, I am the proud wife of a firefighter and Navy Veteran, a happy mom of 3 adult children, and thrilled to have 2 beautiful grandchildren! We are Italian with a flavoring of Sicilian- and Italian was actually my first language since I spent the beginning years of my life in Italy with my mamma and nonna. I was born at Camp LeJeune, NC (my father is USMC) and have lived in a couple of countries and several states.


     I have worked since the age of 15 and have owned and operated two small businesses alongside several careers. Most recently before retiring, I was a Licensed Vocational Nurse at a mentally ill locked-down facility for the institutionally insane.

My husband, after his 8 year service in the Navy (the last 4 on the Aircraft Carrier Theodore Roosevelt), became a career firefighter of 29 years. We moved to Monterey in 2016. This is both our second marriage and we got it right this time! Married since 2003 with a melting pot of 4 children, we are now empty nesters.


     After the election results, I could not sit still. I became an activist and the leader of a grassroots group Act Monterey Bay. Grassroots in the Central Bay are united! We support each other in our fight for the freedoms that the Constitution protects: Monterey Bay Patriots, Latinos For Medical Freedom, and Election Integrity Project (to name a few)


     I am fully motivated to be the representative and to fight for the people of District 19. Everyone is fed up with the RINOs. We need real people to lead. People who want to right our nation back in the direction our Founding Fathers envisioned, and tried to keep, through the Holy Spirit guided wisdom of the writing of the Constitution.  I also realize we are under attack by the Communist driven Left, and we need to act now, or forever lose our state, and America entirely. I am, and have always been, a Patriotic Republican. Send this fighting Patriot to Congress!

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