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MAKING HISTORY IN MONTEREY! On Dec 10 we turned in almost 1k signatures to the Monterey County Board Of Ed. Only 574 were needed to unseat a person who had 3 extreme conflicts of interest in representing District 1’s School Boards. As of Jan 10, it will be official. This has NEVER been successfully accomplished! But with all the corruption in our school boards recently, we couldn’t let this go! A special THANK YOU to all the volunteers who put in their personal time to get this done: Vic Marani who lit the fire, Tracy Henderson, Amy Mcammack, Carina Powers, and yes I spent about 2 weeks for 3-5 hours each day collecting signatures in front of PG post office myself! Got to know a lot of awesome people there as well. God bless us all!✝️🇺🇸💕

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